A Beginner’s Guide to Attending a Cannabis Expo

Cannabis expositions are critical for success in the industry. They’re where you learn about innovative techniques, exciting new technology, and make crucial connections. It can be overwhelming for a first-time attendee.

Use our guide to attending cannabis expo below to learn everything you need.

Know What To Expect

The best way to get ready for your first cannabis expo is by knowing what to expect when you get there.

The expo will likely happen in a large event space at a convention center. There may even be separate event spaces for different types of vendors.

Speaking of vendors, there will be many, some you expect and some you may not. They’ll represent growers, cannabis accessories, technology developers, CBD and hemp companies, equipment manufacturers, and more. 

You can also expect to meet people from these areas and ancillary services, like lawyers and P.O.S. companies.

Finally, there will be panels of speakers giving papers throughout each day. These will be held in smaller meeting rooms. Decide which you want to hear.

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Make a Plan and Get Ready

Now that you know what to expect, find out who’s attending your expo by looking at their website. There should be an updated list, and they’ll publish a map as the event draws near.

You can’t expect to meet everyone. What’s more, you shouldn’t make a rigid plan. You might meet people who want to grab a meal, and flexibility will help you make the most of those networking opportunities. 

Finally, order business cards and prepare your “elevator pitch.” An elevator pitch is a short introduction you would make to a person if you only had the length of time of an elevator ride. It should interest your prospects and make them want to hear more.

At the Expo

Before you hit the floor, put on comfortable shoes. You’ll be on your feet all day, even if you don’t plan to cover much ground. It’s hard to concentrate when your feet hurt.

Also, stay hydrated and eat throughout the day. You don’t want to crash early and miss the last part of the day, often when you hear speakers and mingle with colleagues.

Prioritize the panels and vendors most likely to grow your business in the short and long term. Keep an open mind, and don’t worry if you miss something. Sometimes, it’s better to foster an unexpected connection.

Finally, people love free stuff. If it’s appropriate for your business, offer a freebie for a follow-up or for getting an email address. This is very effective if you’re setting up a booth yourself.

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After the Expo

Your work doesn’t stop. You’ll gather tons of information at the expo through pamphlets, literature, products to try, and notes from panels. You should also have leads and new colleagues to follow up with.

As you’ll soon see, there’s nothing to be afraid of when it comes to your first cannabis convention. Use the guide to attending cannabis expo above to make the most of your experience.